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I draw both fanart and original art. All of my drawings are safe for work, although there are a few instances where the language may not be. I will tag pieces as NSFW if there is any harsh language :"D


Barry Motherfuckin Kramer

It feels so surreal to think back to when Barry was just some mysterious game grumps editor who never spoke in a video, but was mentioned almost daily. Now, he’s just one of the Grumps, having his own jokes, his own stories, and he talks! Barry is such a cool dude and he’s a huge dork, but gosh he’s such a sweetheart. Thank you, Barry, for being such an amazing editor and an amazing Grump! 

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inferiorflannel sent:

For Barry fanart how about add attitude city!Barry, Unicorn!Barry and his famous quote "Thanks for havin me", or the phrase "Barry not included" :D

ahh sweet these r really good refs! and thankfully i havent used any of those yet! thank you soo much! (if u have any more just lemme knoww)

I’m working on the Barry Kramer fanart now

but I need some more Barry references/jokes! If you guys know any Barry things that I can illustrate, please give em to me!!!

Gonna add this question mark so that people can answer this smoothh??

I wanted to make a thing and so I did it. That’s the cool thing about art. 

cuddlebuttcheeks sent:

Hello! I just wanted to say that your art is amazing and I love it so much and you're my senpai and hhdhehshhwhryeyhruwuisiykkrkfokfjdydydg *rolls away*

haha I dont think anyone has ever called me that before. I can get into it lol :”D

Thankyou soo much!!! This message makes me very happy ;u; 

Ross Fucking O’Donovan

You guys have absolutely no idea how much I adore this man oh my god. He takes pride in his cheesy jokes and messing with the other grumps. He also has a Certificate of Boxing Excellence and that’s smarts. I think we can all agree that Ross the cutest Grump vuv 

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Remember long ago when I drew original characters and people actually liked them enough to ask me to keep drawing them? Yeah thats a thing that happened.

Long overdue fanart of Hannah Hart. She’s adorable and I love her ;u; 

Arin mentioned his and Suzy’s favorite Disney Movies on one of the Heart of Darkness episodes so I doodled them dressed in outfits from said movies :”D

Anonymous sent:

Can you draw the cutest gay and lesbian double date you can think of???

But my dude, I already drew that! I mean…I know its definitely not my best work but a double date to a pier/carnival thing is the cutest thing I can think of! idk I really like piers…

On a much more important note I really like watermelon

This is actually another picture I wanted to give Shay just for fun but I never printed it out. Its just a cute lil thing yknow :”D 

Please do not re-upload this without my permission! 

This is the picture I gave Shay and his wife yesterday when I met them. The first thing he said to me was “have we met before?” which made me incredibly happy since he somewhat remembered me from last year. After explaining how we met last year he said that my eyes were recognizable. I know I shouldnt take this too seriously since I know this probably doesnt mean much, but this meant the world to me :”D The shaytards are honestly the only reason why I go to vidcon :”D 

(please do not re-upload this anywhere without my permission)

I officially have more followers on my art blog than my main blog! Its not much but considering that I’ve had my main blog for 3 years and my art blog for 5 months, it really means a lot! This isn’t much, but thank you guys for liking my art enough to maybeee want to see more :”D 

Re-watching Game Grumps episodes is the best. [x]